Custom Asymmetrical and Tri-Radial Spinnakers

spinnakers, asymmetrical spinnakers, photoFX Custom Cruising and Racing Spinnakers deliver superior performance with asymmetric and tri-radial designs to cover a wide wind range. Designed by a sailmaker with more than 30 years experience, FX Spinnakers are built using Challenge .75- or 1.5-ounce Nylon.

FX Sails custom-built, Asymmetrical Cruising Spinnakers are durable and easy to handle. Add a premium spinnaker sock to make your downwind experience a breeze.

FX tri-radial symmetric spinnakerswill get you "down the hill" in a hurry. These are the ideal downwind solution for racing sailors and the more agressive cruiser who still prefers to use a Spinnaker pole for deeper sailing angles. Your choice of Nylon or AirX.

All FX Spinnakers come standard with radial corner patches, tack, clew and head identification, color coded luff, leech and foot tapes, a spinnaker turtle bag and polyester leech and foot lines.

A Note on FX Sails Spinnaker Width
The width of a spinnaker is expressed as the percentage of the J measurement (the distance from the mast to the forestay). Modern sail designers, using comparative tests on a wide variety of sailboats, have discovered that a width of 180% is the proper size for an all-around spinnaker. FX Sails builds spinnakers to this dimension, resulting in an increased sail area compared with those built to the older standards of 160% to 165%. Of course, if you would like a narrower spinnaker for specific reaching purposes, we would be happy to design and build one for you.


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